This diorama is my visual interpretation of Linda Gregg's poem Summer in a Small Town. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate my own visual interpretation for a piece of literature, as the director of a film might do. This project also demonstrates my creation of a visual illusion, too. When someone looks inside the diorama, they can see for miles and miles into the distance.

When the men leave me, they leave me in a beautiful place.
It is always late summer.
When I think of them now, I think of the place.
And being happy alone afterwards.
This time it's Clinton, New York.
I swim in the public pool at six when the other people have gone home.
The sky is grey, the air hot.
I walk back across the mown lawn loving the smell and the houses so completely it leaves my heart empty.

Skills Demonstrated:

Sculpture, Visual Interpretation

Technology Used:

Multimedia including Plaster, Clay, Paper, Paint, Ink, Sponge, Wire, Glue, Board, Sand, Wood, Plastic, Spray Paint, and Resin

Process: Diorama

The process of creating the diorama was tricky since I wanted to use natural lighting. Because Gregg's poem takes place outdoors, I first thought of using glass or plastic (clear) walls to let light shine through. As I drew sketches and continued to visualize the scene, I knew that the angle that the viewers were going to see was the key to success. The angle I chose allowed me to keep the roof a clear plastic to let in light, yet stay hidden under the tree branches from the viewers. The angle chosen was inspired by the openings of many films, where a camera might wait for action to happen. Shown are some of my sketches and process photos.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.