Environmental Typography

After studying away in Australia, I learned a lot about web design and web development. A semester later, when my group and I set out to create environmental typography for a graphics project, I thought back to what I had learned about the web in Australia. I realized that I could use web technologies to display typography in the environment, saving both time and money, rather than creating typography for the environment by traditional means. By writing JavaScript code that looped a series of HTML5 videos in a web browser, our group was able to endlessly show kinetic typography to students that walked by with the touch of only one button that night.

Skills Demonstrated:

Teamwork, Problem Solving, Web Solutions, Motion Graphics

Technology Used:

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, After Effects

Process: Evironmental Typography

Shown is a presentation of ideas for environmental typography. Originally, the looping videos in a web browser idea was called the Uncle Bob plan, since a motivating sentence would be animated to the voice of a wise uncle giving advice. The idea grew and eventually my group and I decided to make kinetic typography that was fun and animated with a positive message. The videos looped randomly at first, but after a night of testing, we decided to loop the videos in order.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.