Nature of Code (Animation & Physics)
Final: Building a Matter.js game

March 8 2017

This game was built for an interactive children's storybook called Kodi Learns to Cook, which can be viewed here. Becuase I now know how to apply physics to coding (which I have learned in Nature of Code), I was able to apply physics to the first game in the storybook and create this third game using matter.js. View the code here.

Spring Force Strings

February 24 2017

Last week I made guitar strings with sine waves. For this week, I worked on developing these strings as spring forces. View the sketch.

Final Proposal

February 24 2017

For my Intro to Computational Media final, I created a children's interactive storybook. The storybook has a video format, with games embedded into the story.

Now that I have learned how to apply physics to programming, I would like to create more games inside of the book to create a better user experience. View the story.

Sine Strings

February 10 2017

Using the sine wave to mimic oscillation, I made guitar strings that oscillate when the mouse hovers over them. I tried to mimic how a guitar string might strum in real life. This sketch was a bit challenging, with the tricky part being drawing a sine wave that is oscillating at one end and not the other. The next step is to make the strings strum more realistically, and not so slowly. View the sketch code.

Balloons hitting the ceiling

February 4 2017

We learned about forces in programming this week. Considering Newton's Laws, we appied those to programming. Using velocity, and giving acceleration a pulling force upward, I was able to create the effect of balloons hitting a ceiling. Because the force from the balloons being pulled up remains even after they hit the ceiling, I also added a random directional force to make the effect more realistic, since balloons are not exactly static after hitting the ceiling. Click the canvas to add balloons. View the sketch code.

Growing Random Vines

January 25 2017

This week, we took a closer look at the random function and how possible outcomes are derived through code. I created a garden of random vines growing using p5.js. View Sketch 1or Sketch 2 code.

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