Storytelling with Non-Linear Video
Luke and the Lottery Ticket: Take 2

May 16 2017

This version of our film calculates the ending based on the user choices.

Luke and the Lottery Ticket

April 21 2017

This is our interactive film.

Video Test

April 7 2017

Shown is a test of how our interactive video will work.

User Interface Inspiration

March 31 2017

Our group has decided to create a short, interactive film about three friends that win the lottery. Shown are some user interface concepts and designs that I have come up with. Along with the layout of the interface, I thought about the visual design. I choose a primary color scheme since this is popular with lottery designs. Because our film is a comedy, the fun lottery typography should feel seamless with our film. After watching examples of interactive films by Eko, I really appreciated the simplicity of their user interface designs. I know that simple user controls with plenty of white space will be easy to understand and create a good user expereince.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.