Video & Sound
Class 6: Ren Social Worker of New York

October 30 2016

And now, we present our final production of Ren, Social Worker of New York.

My biggest takeaway from this piece was how editing can help tell a story. The original piece was intended to be one, long continuous shot. While working on the editing, Jinhee and I realized that inserting extra footage helped portray Ren and tell his story.

What Jinhee and I wanted to say with this peice is that careers do not define who people truly are. This project was to create a portrait of a specialist. However, we wanted to show a portrait that shows who Ren really is, and not limit him to only his career.

Our process was fairly straightforward. We started with a storyboard, and we made sure that we had all of our ideas drawn out before touching a camera. As we started filming, we realized that we had to make changes (like choosing a new location to film Ren) to get the footage that we needed. Once we had all of the footage that we needed, we were able to do minimal editing because of our strong plans in the beginning.

Class 5: Final Draft

October 20 2016

This is our final draft of Ren, Social Worker of New York.

Class 4: Raw Footage

October 17 2016

Shown here is our main shot. We may decide to put this footage in slow motion, or use extra cuts inbetween this main shot.

Class 3: Storyboard

October 1 2016

Jinhee and I created our storyboard for our video portrait. We will be focusing on the life of Ren, a social worker here in New York City. We decided to film in the style of an art film, with one continuous long take. The effect is intended to reveal the emotions of Ren rather than just his career.

Class 2: Sound Project

September 25 2016

Jina and I created our sound representation for Bloodchild this week. We used Adobe Audition and had a good experience with the software. Our sound represents Bloodchild abstractly. As shown in the images, we envision our piece to be experienced as an installation. We can imagine a plain, distraction-free room where people can sit in soft chairs as they hear the sound. The room is completely white, like an eggshell.

To create our sound, we decided to use sounds heard while frying an egg. The eggs and the idea of pregnancy for man is the reasoning behind doing so. We also incorporated the song Within by Daft Punk. The song in our piece symbolizes the memory of the main character, but rather than an old war song, we used a futuristic song about being trapped.

Class 1: Reading Assignment 1

September 18 2016

I enjoyed both The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem and Kirby Ferguson's Embrace the Remix TED video, both focusing on plagiarism and the idea that all art is essentially a remix of someone else's work. In my mind, it makes sense that we might plagiarize unintentionally, since as artists we are all limited to the same tools to create artwork. At some level, we all must use the same software, the same utensils, and so forth until we get to a level where we are limited to using only what earth provides. I feel that we should be able to use the work of others to only establish our ideas, that is, giving credit to those whose work or process we use.

I believe that Steve Jobs was right when he said that good artists copy, and great artists steal. However, it is important to consider that design differs from a fine art. In design, there are a set of expectancies that a user of a product will have. For example, a designer of a car must keep certain elements of the design consistent, like where the steering wheel goes. In art, an artist might question why the steering wheel is there at all. Steve Jobs was referring to design because Steve Jobs was a designer, a designer of computers. Perhaps the real question is whether sound is an art or a design.

Class 1: Sound Project Progress

September 17 2016

Jina and I met up on Friday and compared the sounds we had gathered. Shown is a graph that we made of our different sounds. Our plan is to comibne our sounds to create a more abstract piece.

Class 1: East Village Poetry Walk

September 17 2016

Today I went on the Passing Stranger (East Village Poetry Walk) by Pejk Malinowski. I had a good experience touring the lower East Village of New York City. I did not know many of the poets that Pejk referenced during the tour, but I was fascinated and surprised to be in a place where so many famous people have been before. I thought the different churches were interesting along the way, and how so much history is delved in a combination of faith and romance. Poetry is romantic. I thought to myself, that if I were walking by these places without the sound, I would have gathered a different story. The audio poetry helps assemble pieces to tell a different story than what we might see. I felt like I was walking through an interactive installation as I walked the streets of New York City with only headphones and a phone.

Class 1: Reading BloodChild

September 15 2016

Bloodchild was a strange story, but nevertheless kept my imagination entertained. The first sounds I heard were very quiet and calm. I imagined a quiet house where you can hear subtle gestures of the family being made. The story then picked up pace, and went into a sort of memory. I thought of an old-fashioned radio in my head. Whenever T'Gatoi was mentioned, I heard the sounds of a spider (I think because of the limbs) or piano keys that might play for a spider's steps. For moments of high stress in the story, the cutting open of Lamos and then the fight over the gun, I thought the volume would be raised. The author's comments were interesting to read, as he shared that his story was about male love through pregnancy and growing up.

Jina and I sat down on Wednesday and brain stormed our ideas for our sound project. A big thing for us was the idea of the eggs and the pregnancy of man. The story shows something like pregnancy, which is normally associated with life, to be associated with death as man is cut open to lay the eggs of an alien. We decided to go with a minimalist approach and revolve our sound project around a specific object. My first thought was water as it has changes in pressure, but Jina thought of focusing on an egg. Shown is a storyboard I drew of the story, and then our sound project.

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