Visual Design
Class 5: Brand a City

I decided to design a logo and t-shirt for my hometown Crosby, Texas. When I think of Crosby, I think of a small country town, where people might get up early in the morning to go to work, school, or farm. The town makes me think of sunny and warm days, often times when I would go running. I wanted to create a mark that was bright, and I knew a yellow or gold would resemble this. An inspiration for my design is the logo of Cracker Barrel, since the colors that Cracker Barrel uses are gold and brown and gives a country feeling. I also had the idea of a script logo. I knew that this logo needed the entire name within itself since this will be a new logo that people will not yet understand if it is a symbol. I had the idea of using a script that resembles a lasso, like one that a cowboy would use. I also wanted to be modern, so I chose a script that was connecnted to resemble a lasso, but also bold to make sure that the mark stands out. I also added texture to the logo, so that it feels old fashioned, rough, and authentic.

The t-shirt uses a traditional style commonly seen today. The front of the shirt shows the logo, and the back of the shirt shows Crosby, Texas with the message "welcome home."

Class 4: Composition

This is a business card that I designed for myself. My design is inspired by the look of my portfolio website.

Class 3: Color Palette

This is a color palette composition of my wardrobe colors. My composition is a forrest becuase I tend to wear very neutral colors often found in nature.

Class 2: Typography

Shown is my name using six different typefaces. Each typeface expresses a different characteristic about me. Also shown are three expressive words. These words express their meaning visually.

Class 1: Design Analysis

The design that I have chosen to analyze is the landing page of Adobe products ( The design applauds the work of Michael Black, a Computer Graphics artist skilled in using Photoshop Creative Cloud, and the capabilities of the Photoshop software. I chose this design because I am fascinated with web design, especially when realizing that a graphic piece this beautiful is also interactive.

  • The grid is divided into four main sections vertically. This can be seen with the bottom four icons and text that create imaginary vertical lines. The text, buttons, and sections also create horizontal lines that visually divides the content. It feels like Adobe purposefully did not make every element align perfectly, to give a sense of movement (which complements the background picture).
  • The typeface used is Adobe Clean (designed in 2009 by Robert Slimbach) shown in different weights, sizes, and colors. Adobe has traditionally used Myriad Pro and Minion Pro as their typeface, however, Myriad Pro is used to represent many other companies like Apple and Verizon. Adobe created the Adobe Clean typeface so that they could have a fresh look and remain unique.
  • The font size is what creates hierarchy in this design. Although the logo is smaller than the title text, the logo obtains dominance in hierarchy by using color. The text creates hierarchy through font size.
  • The colors used create a primary color scheme. There are different shades and tints of colors in the background image, such as pink, but all of the shades and tones are strongly red, blue, or yellow.
  • The negative space on the Adobe products landing page is occupied with the background image of an astronaut on a rocket ship. Because the majority of the text is aligned left, this layout creates balance with text on the left and imagery on the right.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.