No Bathrooms No Buts

No Bathrooms No Buts is a book that tells a story using only the principles of design. After drawing a labyrinth made up of architectural elements from Saint Mary's Church, I used the principles of design such as emphasis, movement, and proportion to tell a story. While creating this book, I also created two characters for the story, which are the boy and the bishop. In the story, the boy needs to use the bathroom but cannot find it within the labyrinth. The bishop assumes the boy is up to no good and forbids the boy to use bathroom, with no buts allowed.

Skills Demonstrated:

Design, Illustration, Storytelling, Character Design

Technology Used:

Ink, Pencil, Prisma Colors

Process: No Bathrooms No Buts

Before creating No Bathrooms No Buts, I was inspired by the religious statues I saw inside the church. The statues are what inspired the addition of the characters the boy and the bishop. After all, I believe the appeal of a character is what draws the most interest to a story. I drew many sketches from inside the church and later rearranged my sketches on paper to create a labyrinth. Once the labyrinth was finished, I took sections of the labyrinth and placed them in order to tell a story.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.