Marketing Booklet

At TEES (Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station) I would often assist the graphic designers and complete various graphic design projects. Shown is a marketing booklet that I designed for engineers to hand out to investors at engineering conferences. An important function of TEES is to raise money for engineering research. When engineers are trying to sell their research, a marketing booklet that presents information neatly and beautifully is key for convincing investors that TEES research is excellent.

Skills Demonstrated:

Graphic Design, Brand Design

Technology Used:

Photoshop, Indesign

Process: Marketing Booklet

At the bottom of this page is the first book that I designed. I found inspiration from the work of the graphic design manager, Brian Gardner, at TEES and followed his style in order to maintain consistent branding. I worked closely with Brain and followed his direction until the booklet was finished. Shown are two of my drafts and the suggestions of Brain to enhance the work that I had completed.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.