Valence is a 3D, first person shooter game designed to teach players general chemistry. The object of the game is to advance to the next level using chemistry concepts that are taught inside the game. The player must use a magic gun called the catalyst to balance equations, create reactions, and cast the correct chemistry products needed to pass the level. This game was developed by a group I was apart of at Texas A&M under the supervision of Andre Thomas, the former graphics supervisor at EA Sports. My responsibility for this game was to work with fellow artists to produce concept art, level designs, 3D models, and the overall theme. I also designed the logo and trailer for this game.

Skills Demonstrated:

Teamwork, Game Design, Concept Art, Modeling

Technology Used:

Unity, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Process: Valence

Throughout the process of designing and developing Valence, I learned a lot about game design and game development. While designing Valence, I thought a lot about the forms and colors being used for the objects. Our group started with the idea of Valence being inside a chemical plant at first, but later decided to make the game more abstract and to let the style of art help guide the player through the game. When I designed the catalyst, I made the gun's barrel clear so that the player could see the chemicals reacting and easily understand the concept behind the gun. There was a great deal of thought put into things of this sort, including the level designs and the mechanics of the game. Shown are some of my concept drawings for designing Valence.

Designed and developed by Steven Simon 2016.